Day: September 7, 2018

How to Print on Your T-Shirt

Printers are a household item now. They have become an indispensable part of our technology-driven lives. Other than printing your daily documents, did you know that you can do a lot of fun stuff with your printer too? You can print your own designs on your t-shirts, for example. Here’s how.
Things you will need:

1. A plain t-shirt
2. A colour printer (inkjet preferably)
3. Transfer paper
4. An iron
Once you have all the necessary items, you are ready to begin.

Step 1

Select or create your design: Be imaginative and create your own design using any of the several tools and applications available. Or you can simply select a picture you are especially fond of or your favourite quote. Choose your font and colours.

Step 2

Print your design: If you print the design directly and transfer it, it will have the mirror effect. In order to avoid it, ‘flip horizontal’ before printing. Print your design on a plain paper. Once you are satisfied with the result, print it on the Transfer paper. Make sure that you adjust the size before printing. You would want to print the exact size that you want on your T-shirt.

Step 3

Make sure your T-shirt is ready: Make sure your T-shirt is clean and dry. You don’t want dust particles sticking in the picture or the words that you are going to transfer on to it.

Step 4

Cut out the transferable area: Once you have printed your desired design on the transfer paper, cut through the borders. This would help you place it more accurately on the T-shirt.

Step 5

Transfer: Place the Transfer paper on the T-shirt where you want to print the image or text.

Step 6

Ironing: Turn the iron on and then gently press over the picture with the transfer paper over it on your T-shirt. Make sure that you move the iron all over the picture and keep it on every section of the picture. You will need to ensure that the iron is set at its hottest, that you apply enough pressure while ironing and that you iron it long enough for the transfer to take place properly.

Step 7

Removing the paper: After you are done ironing, allow the T-shirt to cool. Then, gently remove the transfer paper from your T-shirt with a paper knife and voila! You will now see the picture printed on your T-shirt.

In order to get a lasting print make sure that you:

1. Turn the fabric inside out before washing
2. Machine wash in cold water. Avoid bleach
3. Do not leave the wet fabric in washer for long. It may cause the image to bleed. Dry it immediately
You can use the same technique to print on a variety of things including bed sheets, handkerchiefs, pillow covers, tablecloths and more. Hope you can design your very own T-shirt and more personalised items using this simple method. Happy crafting!

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