5 Tips to Buy Second Hand Cars in Pakistan

Owing to the fact increased expenses and expensive lifestyle, more people today tend to buy a used car instead of a new one. The most important reason behind this sudden change of trend is that used cars are cheap, thus afforded by all in the society.

Although used cars are economically priced but to drive home the worthy car, one must need to follow few simple rules that are given below:

Evaluate a new car before you buy a used car

Even though used cars are cheap and are available at less prices, that doesn’t mean, we’ll take the things for granted and randomly pick any used car model available for sale. In this scenario, loss is definitely ours. To get a car that gives perfect value for your money, try evaluating new car. Used cars are available at the price that comes after the depreciation of the value of the car with age and number of owners it has had. Though the initial investment on a new car is a lot higher than a used one, over a period of two to three years the new car will retain a better resale value than the used car.

Go for the Brand game: It is always a fair deal to buy used car with good brand like Toyota or Honda, even an additional few thousand kilometres qualify.

History: to settling on one car, check the history of the car, look if the car has not met any accidents or other problems by doing some basic tests. The door panels also give away signs of accidents. If the car has taken a hit from the rear, the car trunk’s flooring reveals the secret.

Check the engine firing: If the car doesn’t sound good not dies not fit right in terms of petrol consumption or even the oil consumption or if the engine eats up a lot of oil, the car is not worth buying. Even if the air conditioning of the car is not functioning properly, the car is not cool enough to buy.

Scratch and tell: Also check for any scratches or minimal damage to the exteriors before paying for it. Normally the dealer checks all this and repair any such errors. But there are chances of you getting the bogus tuff.

Documentation: When buying a second hand cars; make sure the model year mentioned on the registration papers should be the year of manufacturing, not the year of registration. The complete insurance validity needs to be checked. Also check for any RTO liabilities. If there are any such liabilities, intimation needs to be put up to the RTO during purchase.

Always check the colour mentioned on the registration papers. If the colour has been changed, find out if the change was due to damage or out of personal choice. These things could affect the price of the car and help you in negotiation.

Article source: Autostore Pakistan

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