Most Popular Types of MMO Games You Can Play

MMO games have been around for several years but they are enjoying a great increase in popularity right now. More massively multiplayer online games have emerged and most are capable of supporting thousands of players concurrently. Though it is a necessity for players to stay connected to the internet in order to play these games, players will not be bothered by the long downloading times because there is no need to download anything. Even smart phones and mobile devices can access these web based games.

Players also get to choose from different game categories which enable players to select the type of game environment where they can compete and cooperate with other players. The most popular MMO games right now include the following types:

1. Role Playing – Most of the MMO games are role playing games known as the MMORPGs. This is the most common type and the most sought out by online gamers. BBMMORPGs or the browser based massively multiplayer online role playing games have been designed to accommodate several users at once without the need to install a game client. As the name suggests the players here will play roles according to their character. Bulletin board RPGs are MMO games in which text and descriptions make up most of the game.

2. First Person Shooter – This genre features a relentless world in which players can form a team during combats. There are additional qualities that make them a typical RPG including experience points to level up or to unlock items. The difference here though is that first person shooter MMO games focus more on the skills and strategies of the players instead of statistics.

3. Real Time Strategy – Another known type of MMO games is the real time strategy games in which players assume the role of a king, general or other figures that will lead a battle while sustaining resources for the warfare. Most games included in this genre have titles based upon fantasy and sci-fi. The game environment or “world” will continue to evolve even though the player is not online.

4. Turn-based Strategy – This type of MMO games is where several players share the same conquest field. Players can expand their own empire. Usually, this is a time based game with each player taking turns in the game which makes this distinguishable from other types of MMO games since players do not play simultaneously.

5. Simulation – If you would like to play an MMO game which accurately replicates aspects in our world, you can try simulations. These games tend to go for activities and industries that can cause large potential risks and losses including airplanes, trucks, rocket science and battle tanks. Most of the time, you will be running a company here and make sure that you outperform your rivals to stay on top of the industry.

Other popular types of MMO games are those that are based on sports such as basketball and baseball. You can also find MMO games that concentrate on racing, music, social and casual types in which players will easily learn the game without the need to use hard-to-remember controls and other stuff.

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