7 Drone Companies that rocked at CES 2017

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show was a candid brunch of revolutionary gadgets, ground-breaking gizmos and ingenious trends that offered a sneak peek into what 2017 has in stock for the tech over the globe.
One trend that gained a significant amount of drive in recent years concerns the industry of unmanned aerial vehicle.
Drones at CES
Beside all the deep-rooted companies like DJI, Parrot, and Yuneec all vying for the supreme label of being the go-to brand, we came across other companies looking to jump on the industry’s recent sweep in popularity.
To give you a better suggestion of what to anticipate from the world of UAV’s in the upcoming years, we took to the task of assembling as much information as we could on all the under-the-radar drone companies at CES 2017. The following companies are, undoubtedly, likely to have the best probability to break out in 2017.
French startup Hexo came forward with its autonomous drone, dubbed the Hexo+ at CES.
Control Hexo by Smartphone application, with the help of full-fledged controller.
Quickly change the flight pattern and orientation of the drone, just by simple clicks of the application.
Select “360 — far away” to send the Hexo+ in perfect 360-degree.
Circles and landing the craft is done with just a click, this makes Hexo is one of the most user friendly Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in the current scenario.
Shanghai Nine Eagles
The company called The Shanghai Nine Eagles Electronic Technology came forward showcasing Mola line of drones at CES.
This Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is designed specifically for capturing photos and films.
Its key features include intelligent safety systems, simple flight controls and lightweight build.
Nine Eagles is definitely producing something different from everyone with its Mola X1.0 which showcases a design never seen before with its two twin-spinning fans placed perpendicular to each other.
With its stunning design and built Wingsland offers eye pleasing drones for everyone.
Along with its futuristic design, good looks in spades Adorned offer a vibrant orange color which attracts everyone’s attention at CES.
Wingsland offers an impressive lineup, for pilots having the option of using Smartphone application, compatible controller or a specially-designed wristwatch controller.
Edit any footage captured, check drone’s relative altitude and voltage or settings for the onboard camera everything can be controlled by the operator by using the app specifically.
Keeping the risk of serious injuries in mind while flying a drone, Eulerspace Technologies focused to design an aircraft safe for anyone to use.
With Return to Home Function, built-in propeller bumpers and stop propellers automatically after detecting collisions, Eulerspace’s TT copter is safe as they come.
TT can be pilot using a joystick controller for physical controller and compatible application for those who uses their Smartphone.
A 14 MP camera gives the pilot an edge of capturing stunning photography; Eulerspace is ready to impress everyone at CES.
Prodrone went ahead with its presentation while displaying the company’s innovative drone system with its impossible to miss setup this drone, dubbed the Byrd attracted everyone’s attention at CES.
The ability to carry heavy payloads, extended battery life and 4k camera and easy to transportation makes it stand out of the crowd in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle category,
From the big quadcopters to the tiniest drones in the market, Husban portrayed diverse array of unmanned aircraft, either its Husban X4 for aerial photography or GPS Spy Hawk which boasts a clean, fixed-wing style, Husban offers a drone for everyone.
What makes this Unmanned Aerial vehicle different from other is a physical controller which is included in its every drone, allowing even those to fly the drones who don’t carry a Smartphone.
Best Drones Under 200
Zero Tech

Founded in 2007 Zero tech continues to be the world’s top provider of intelligent drone products and solutions.
With its impressive quadcopter HighOne RTF which is primarily designed for professional photographers and filmmakers.
This Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is just nine pound in weight this quadcopter comes along with a safety parachute.
Tilt system gimbal for aerial pan which displayed its compatibility with an extensive range of cameras, Zero tech makes its marks visible at CES.
The commercial drone industry is still young and flourishing and has begun to see some consolidation and some major investments from the new and upcoming brands in the drone market. Technology is growing in all the directions and so for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, with new features and specifications more advanced drones can be seen at Consumer Electronics Show 2017, along with the Legacy drone manufacturing, new companies are coming in with their efficient ideas and everyone welcomes and congratulate technology and hope to see it more advance and for better in the near future.

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